Newbie Question - WARMING UP

Hi All

Hope someone can guide me.

Is there a warm up session before each game.

I see the Man v Fat Football is on for 2 hours but what does everyone do in those 2 hours. Are we there for the full 2 hours or is the 2 hours purely to fit the matches in only.

I see games are all at different times. My very first game is at 19:45 this coming Monday but I see other games start at 19:15 and the doors open at 19:00 for weighing. Can’t see where there would be time for warming up which will lead to muscles hurting badly.

It surely can’t just be turn up, weigh in, quick kick around and then go home.

Just a bit vague with how it all works.

Thank you

You play for your team in your match, normally a 30 minute match.

Why so short? FA guidelines, there will blokes there who can barely play for 5 minutes let alone 30.

I recommend making sure that you 1) eat healthier (make lifestyle changes) 2) see if any of your league are up for playing another night amongst yourselves (we do up in Newcastle, sometimes 2 or 3 times extra a week).

You get there before your match, get weighed. In the Newcastle league there is room to warm up pitchside but depends on the venue tbh.

MvF works, but it is partially how you make it work for you.

I always described as pay a Slimming World subscription, but get a free 30 min football match for doing so.

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What you have said is pretty much it. It surely can’t just be turn up, weigh in, quick kick around and then go home. Obviously you need to warm up but at our venue it is left to the individual players to do their own thing (which usually consists of kicking a ball at some poor bugger in goal IF there’s a spare pitch somewhere). As team captain in my second season I got my team to meet 20 minutes early and led them on a proper stretch and warm up ending with a 5 minute 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 three touch match with no goals, just to get them breathing heavy. It worked, we won the league that season because we went into every game ready, the other teams took 5 - 10 minute to loosen up.

Other leagues may lead a warm up session somewhere before the games, you will need to check with yours to see if they do.