Newbie Question

Newbie question, I have checked the FAQ section and Newcommers, but there are a few things I am a bit unsure of which I was hoping someone could clear up.

The badges make sense, but when it comes to the weight-loss ones, how do they work? Is it honesty bound system? Do I just do my first weigh in on Friday and populate the weigh-in spreadsheet and then every Friday from then on and the weight loss bagdes are added from there, or do I need to be in an MVFIA or an MVF Football group before I start weight tracking?

I love the concept of the site and the ‘band of brothers’ approach, but a pinned ‘getting started’ guide in the newcommers or FAQ sections would be really useful in just clearing up some of the finer points of how to get cracking with the weight lost tracking part of the process.


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Hi James - the badges are done on an honour system. Essentially, we’re a fairly broad group now, some are doing the football leagues, others are doing MVFIA groups, some just check into the forum for a chat and a catch up, others just read the posts on Whatever your approach we’re happy to help and cheer you on.

There is an FAQ but I think it could do with updating having had a quick scan:

@admin Thanks for the response, that clears up most of my questions!! As you say the FAQ is a bit generic and more about conduct in the forums than how to actually use them.

Final question, I have already put my request in to join a MFVIA group, but how often are they established? Is it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just as a new one is required?

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It’s as we have 10 people - I’ll go check on the thread now.

Awesome-sauce, many thanks!