Newbie. Signed up for the Rotherham League


Just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m determined to be healthy and happy in 2019 and this includes shifting some weight. There are 3 guys in my family (Dad & Brother) and we are all big guys. In July 2018 my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and a contributing factor to that was his obesity. So my goals are simple to drop the weight and be healthy so I lower my chances of also developing pancreatic cancer as I don’t want to have to go through what Dad is currently going through and it’s my mission to make him proud.
So hopefully I can hit the ground running and get some football played, I haven’t played for a few years but always enjoyed it in my youth. Who knows might even get scouted by Rotherham looks like they need the help :joy::joy:
Looking forward to lots of laughs and weight lost. Cheers. Jonny


Welcome, mate, and Happy New Year!

All the best with your transition, really sorry to hear about your dad. Hope everything goes well for him.

Let’s get it done!