Newbie to Man v Fat


I’m Gerard, I’m new to man v Fat. I’m 37, and have spent the last 12 years working in an office where my weight has ballooned after having a relatively active job before that.

3 years ago I lost 6 stone and was training for the Yorkshire marathon. Injury and personal/family issues led to me falling off that wagon and putting all the weight back on with no exercise.

I love sport especially football and basketball. I’ve not been able to play for a long time without being in agony. I miss the fun of playing sports.

I am now a father to a 16 month old, with my second on the way. I want to be fit not just for myself, but for my children too.

I’m going to my first session in Rotherham tonight which I’m looking forward to. Hope to be able to get fit again and enjoy exercise again.

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Good Morning Gerrard

Welcome to MAN v FAT Football.

You have joined up at an unfortunate time with Covid-19 shutting the leagues down :frowning:

Did you manage to get a session in before the shut down? How did you find it?

Kind Regards

Dan Church