Hi just joined about 2 weeks ago. When will be contacted? Wanted to join the borehamwood league as it’s my closest. Also when should my subscription start? I was told it would be when I started playing but I’ve received an email saying will be starting 1/2?


Hello @Joao_r17 - your coach @markhughes490 will let you know when you can start in the Borehamwood League. You need to be assigned to a team before you can pop down for your 1st session.


Ok that’s fine. Do you know how long it takes usually to be assigned to a team? Really keen to start!


The Borehamwood League is running it’s current season until March -

Scroll down until you can see the fixtures on the right hand side. If you are on the waiting list, you will be contacted when you are at the top of the list and there’s a space free for you to be allocated into.