Newcomer at Fox Hollies



Hi all,

I’m Darren and I attended MvF for the first time last night.

Following a career in the RAF my fitness has slipped a little since then, not that I was very fit in the first place.

I last played football on 7th December 2017 and the following week I was told that I had incurable colon cancer. After two major surgeries, 7 cycles of chemotherapy, some good luck and having a positive outlook throughout, I was told 4 weeks ago that I am now in remission.

Typically, I managed to put on weight due to the chemo and steroids that I was prescribed. I plan on using MvF to help me get back down to below the weight I was before my diagnosis.

I have been placed in the Real Lettuce team and enjoyed my first game in 14 months; however, my legs are starting to feel it now!


Good luck kid :+1:


Thanks. Lost 1.6kgs in my first week.