Newcomer at Fox Hollies

Hi all,

I’m Darren and I attended MvF for the first time last night.

Following a career in the RAF my fitness has slipped a little since then, not that I was very fit in the first place.

I last played football on 7th December 2017 and the following week I was told that I had incurable colon cancer. After two major surgeries, 7 cycles of chemotherapy, some good luck and having a positive outlook throughout, I was told 4 weeks ago that I am now in remission.

Typically, I managed to put on weight due to the chemo and steroids that I was prescribed. I plan on using MvF to help me get back down to below the weight I was before my diagnosis.

I have been placed in the Real Lettuce team and enjoyed my first game in 14 months; however, my legs are starting to feel it now!


Good luck kid :+1:

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Thanks. Lost 1.6kgs in my first week.

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Hi I’m really interested in joining the foxhollies team is there any space available

Have you contacted the coach there to ask, don’t forget there is also lode heath on Tuesday nights

Hi yes I’ve messaged the coach but no answer I’ll text the coach for lode heath thanks