Newcomer (but long time reader)


Hiya folks,

Gotta say I think this site is brill, and love wat Andrew and the team have been doing and will continue to do
in helping soooo many of us.

Anyhw, went to the docs today (for my little one’s jabs), and there was a weight machine there…
so got a token, and stepped on it. it didnt record my height as there was an error lol,
my weight however, was 95.2kg, approx 209lb, near enuf 15 stone… a new high or is that low!!!

and tbh

enuf is enuf!!

gotta start, shifting mi timbers’ and just thot sum good old accountability is gonna help to errr
keep me accountable…

so gonna join a group… and by God who knows just maybe I will see the numbers go dwn instead of up!

cheers y’all


Hi @onemorechance and welcome!

Have you checked to see what Leagues are in your area as well?