Newcomer in Glasgow

Hi guys, I’ve just registered with the Glasgow league, what’s happens next? Thanks

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1- Coach will contact you what team you will be in and who your captain is and get you added to the team chat (whatsapp) and tell you to come down on sunday hes usually there half 11
2- he will give the man vs fat terms and conditions after youve signed them he will take your measurements eg. height , weight and waist and your start weight …

3 - game time

most teams has a mixture on players with ranging from unable to kick a ball to ball stciking at there feet haha but 1 thing you’ll find playing in this league is how everybody encourage you even if they are against you which is quite rare in football games ,

there is also games on a tuesday n thursday nights that the players get together have a laugh

ive been in the glasgow league for a few season now and have enjoyed my time on the park but i now have a bigger social life as well and met some of guys i now consider close friends

i hope this is help m8 hopefully seen you sunday



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Thanks Stephen! I only get e-mail alerts for threads with the Glasgow tag. Appreciated.

Conor got all set up yesterday and is good to go :sunglasses:.

Got signed up. The WhatsApp link won’t work. Can I send someone my number to add me?

Looking forward to getting stuck in!