Newcomer in the diff area

Hey guys,

Have heard a lot about the local league and was curious how I get involved.

Really impressed with the write ups, and seems like an awesome and supportive community.

Do I need to get a team going, or is there an opportunity to get involved in existing clubs?


Hey mate,

get yourself registered here

There’s currently a few spots about to open up in the Cardiff league, so the sooner you register the more chance you’ll get one of the open spots as soon as they open :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice - done.

Says i’m on the waiting list - do spots open up at the end of the current league? Or can they open up mid-league?


Hi mate, spots can and do open up mid-season. Hopefully you’ll hear something from Nas soon.

We’re meeting tonight at Channel View leisure centre, Grangetown with the first game kicking off at 7pm if you wanted to come down to watch.