Newcomer - Milton Keynes

Hi Troops
Newcomer - joined today and paid registration.
I’m Martyn - Glaswegian currently working in MK and looking for a team to play for.
Hope to meet you all and try my hardest to lose weight. Im almost 19 stone and looking to lose at least 3 before the end of the year.
All the best

Best of luck

Hi Martin,
I just joined the MK leagues, looking forward to getting started!
I hope to lose 3 stone before the end of December too…
Good luck!

Hi Rich
Welcome Sir.
I played my first game on Monday - absolutely loved it. The team(s) are very decent, made me feel very welcome.

It was my first night so I wasn’t sure wher/what to do. Explained to a couple of lads from another team and they showed me the way to the gym for the weigh in. I hadnt played footbal in 5 years so it was difficult at first but you build it up as you go along. I lost 5lbs this week so hoping to lose another few next week.

All the best

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Thanks for the reassurance Martin :slight_smile:

I’m going along tonight, I’ve joined Kebaberdeen FC, been years since I kicked a ball, so I’m pretty nervous!

(PS sorry I spelt your name wrong Martyn!)

Dont worry - I have been called worse.
Listen, no point worrying. I am a terrible footballer and I still go.
I play with MK Crouch Potatoes (yellow team)
We start at 8pm tonight.
Hopefully catch up later for a chat

Hi Rich
How did you get on last night?
We lost 3-1 :frowning:
Was a decent game though

Hi Martyn,
We lost too, 3-0 but it was a good game!
Didn’t play as badly as I was expecting, but I am really aching today! Muscles I forgot even existed have been screaming at me all day! Fortunately I haven’t been in many meetings at work today so I’ve had the opportunity to walk around a bit and keep moving!
My problem was, I wanted to chase the ball and keep going, and I seemed to forget I don’t have the same energy as I did when I was a nipper!

Hi Rich
You turned up - thats the main thing. The result is decent if you win for the buzz. Remember, to bring your book each week, update it with your activities and food eaten. This contributes to your score. Example - if your team lose weight and you bring your booklet that helps, we lost 3-1 but after our weight lose etc final score was 8-8
We have a spare week as it is a bank holiday weekend. Im heading up to Glasgow for the Scottish Cup Final so I hope I dont indulge too much :smiley:Have a good one Sir

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Hi just signed up for the mk league what happens next ? Presuming your not a newcomer now

Hiya, still a newcomer! You should get an email from Karl who runs the league about your availability. For me, I joined on the Thursday or Friday, had an email by the Sunday to see if I was available on the Monday!
It wasn’t on last week because of the bank holiday, so I’m looking forward to week 2 tomorrow!