Newcomer wigan


Hi I just signed up to the Wigan league just want to know when the league starts?


Hello @j.s.vandy77 - Tomorrow, expect an email shortly from the coaches!


Just signed up myself but the computer screwed up on the deposit bit and when I tried again computer said I was already registered…

I’m be at the registration at 7pm tomorrow (not received an email though)

Used to play a lot about 10 years ago but damaged ankle ligaments (being at the wrong end of sliding tackles) and two concussions (bundled headfirst into a post and the corner where the post meets the crossbar on 5 a side goals) stopped all that.

Hoping these matches are a little less competitive.

Need to loose a lot of weight!!!


Hi @b.pringle - All sorted and you are going to the Wigan registration night tonight!


Hi, I registered few days ago
Had welcome email etc.
Do you get an email of details of when start etc.


Hello @paul.kelly82 - your coach will get in touch with you once you have been allocated to a team. He’ll let you know when you can start and what team you’ll be playing for every week.