Newly registered

Hi all,
Just registered to play in this league, not sure what the next step is regarding getting a team/starting to play etc… any info would be appreciated,

Welcome, mate! You’ve made a great decision in joining, all the best with your journey!

you should receive an email soon with details , and as atb88 said you have made a great decision, i have no regrets joining the league at Lode Heath , where we are on our 6th season.

Hi @brownie1875 - as the others have said, welcome to the league, and your coach will be in touch once you’ve been moved from the waiting list and allocated into a team.

You’ll get a phone call to confirm your first session and all the other bits and pieces. Have a browse on the forum in the meantime!

Evening all. Just joined the Banbury league. Need an incentive to lose some weight and get back into football. Looking forward to getting involved if there’s space .

welcome mate i currently play at Lode Heath is Solihull, if you scan the forum you will see a thread for the Banbury league that would be worth reading

Signed photos of @atb88 playing are on sale now :joy::joy:

Clothed and nude are available as standard.

Surcharge for the nudes (obv).

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hi guys, im about to sign up for this league…what sort of waiting list is there at the minute? im keen to get started asap.


Hi, there is also a league in lode lane called lode heath, we are a team short this season