Newly registered. 🙂



Hi everyone.
I was just reading a poster in my local supermarket (Seaton Delaval) when a nice cockney bloke stopped me to tell me he has been playing a year and lost loads of weight. Well it had to be an omen!!! So I’ve signed up. Not sure what or when the next step is but looking forward to it. Haven’t played in 15 years. Bit worried about that bit lol.
Thanks. Ben.


Don’t worry about it, mate, I’d only really kicked a ball around the playground before joining MvF. Best decision I’ve ever made and I’ve a new found love of playing football instead of rugby!

Welcome to the forum, all the best with your journey. You’ve made a great decision of joining this community.


I should add that I’m 30 now so the playground was many years and stones ago!


Cheers atb88.

I’m looking forward to it really. Probably not the aches and pains afterwards though lol :joy:



Ease yourself in gently, mate. Last thing you want to do is get an injury, especially early on.

You’ll love it, I promise. Once you see the benefits (which were instantaneous for me) it’ll be a huge buzz.

I’m in my first season, 7 weeks in and I’m down 17.5kg thanks to the accountability from my team.

Best of luck with it, please keep us updated with you’re progress!


Only just saw a ad on fb yesterday and thought why not! Miss playing football and not to happy being over weight :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome, mate!


That will be Chris from the Slimsons.
Welcome, I am another southerner playing the Newcastle League & have lost over 20% of my weight from a year ago.


Hi Daren.

He did mention you too. Well done on the weight loss that’s superb! I’m desperate to get started now. Do I just need to wait until someone contacts me?




Hi Guys.

Just another quick question.
My wife was with me yesterday when I bumped into Chris. She said she thought Chris said “I waited a year to get started” I think she misheard him. The only time I heard him mention a year was that was how long he had been playing.

Anyway. I’m hoping she is wrong and I am right! (That’ll be a first lol) does it really take a year to get started?



Hello another north east person hope u enjoy!! Im signed up just waitin !! I cannot actually rememeber how i heard about it ah well


Hi Biffa.

Are you waiting for the Newcastle league too or with a black cat as a profile picture possibly a Sunderland one??? :joy::joy::joy:

How long have you been waiting for? :slightly_smiling_face:



Aye sunderland… no jokes bout whos the better team plz haha. Only just signed up so not long but i heard it can b afew weeks. Just goes 2 show its popular eh


It won’t be a year in waiting. I’m sure @NewcastleFoundation will be in touch soon enough.
There’s definitely room, we only have 8 players in the Largentina squad.


Ben, what happened?

You were assigned to Largentina then left? :astonished: