Does anyone have info on the Newport league? It was supposed to be starting this month, but not had any emails updating on the progress? Not seen anything on Facebook or Twitter so I’m assuming I haven’t missed the start, but has there been any update that I’ve not seen?

Having a similar issue! Signed up last year when it was still pending and havent heard a peep of what’s going on. Any info would be appreciated.

We’re all waiting for an update on this from MvF HQ guys. No idea at the moment sorry.

There’s a thread below where the Newport league is being discussed. Shouldn’t be long by all accounts.

Yeah, I saw that. I just wanted to check I hadn’t missed anything, because the last I’d heard was January. If it’s delayed it’s delayed - I was in the first couple of weeks of the Cardiff league, and I think that struggled initially because there weren’t enough players. I had to pull out as it was costing too much to travel back and forth, so I’m looking forward to having one closer to home.

Just seen on Facebook that it’s starting on April 17th - it’s on Fridays 8-10. I can imagine that’s going to put some people off :confused:. It would have been good to have an email from MvF announcing it as well.

We play on Thursdays at Cardiff mate. Some people will be doing, either or depending on what day suits them best.