Nil-by-mouth: Amazing Loser Chris Dixon


Finally my ‘Why’ was bigger than my ‘But’ :slight_smile:

You deserve it mate, truly inspirational!

PS Where else would you get a bunch of blokes sharing this much detail about their lives and responding the way we do???
Thanks @admin for providing such an incredible platform.


Ha so true!!

Although I tend to be a completely open book now, if it means helping another person change their life then my pride isn’t important!!

Stay humble and love life these days :smiley:

Great story, congratulations - you look fantastic!

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Thanks man,

Feel better than ever!!

Great achievement. You are an inspiration to everyone here. Well done

On toilet walls.


Just read your story!!

Truly inspirational :thumbsup:

Thanks man :smile:

DUDE!! Just wrong!! hahahaha

And there was me being all serious as well!!!


Haha! I know. Sorry to ruin the sincerity!

And you’re welcome by the way - I built it because I need it and having everyone using it makes dealing with weight easier for me too!

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That say it all perfectly in one sentence mate

Thanks, amazing things happen when people wake up and decide to take responsibility. Bask in your success and keep up the good work!

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You selfish bastard :wink:

Thanks for posting me :slight_smile:


Thanks for being amazing!