'NO excuses'?

Heres a debate i wonder what u think
Im 1 of these ppl whose right in2 the gym. I go regular n enjoy it. Im even doin a fitness training course at college in the new yr. So i dont make excuse 2 avoid the gym, i LIKE it.

But theres sumthing im not keen about these macho gym quotes about ‘no excuses’. Bcos how i see it gym is part of a healthy BALANCED lifestyle. If ur not well or in a lot of pain, or u got summit u gotta prioritise then sack it off i say. Pushin urself when u need a rest isnt good physically n puttin it above everything else not good mentally. Its easy 2 get obsessive about the gym. I think an over perfection all or nothing mentality isnt healthy.

Thats just my opinion tho, what u think ??


100% agree with you

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