Non scales victory

Soz ignore this i done it wrong it was suppose 2b like ‘non scales victory’ :confused:

I’ve been sort of following the program for a a month of two.

How can I put it ? I fat shamed myself into joining, lat year when we had a holiday in Majorca, I had to squeeze myself into a seat with a belt extension. We’d flown with BA, 6 weeks earlier and I had no probs, so Easyjet must’ve made the seats smaller, but it planted that doubt

We’re going to the US later this year and thew thought of squeezing into a seat for 8 hours freaked me out. I will get to the point in a moment

I saw a post about snacking, one of the answers was ryvita and crispbread. As I’m about and about all day, I take my lunch with me, so instead of a sandwich and a bag of crisps and a treat. I thought, ok ryvita and peanut butter, tasty and filling

So the plan I work to now is, cereal for breakfast, two weetabix, milk and sugar. Ryvita and peanut butter for lunch, I have an other one with low fat Laughing cow (like dairy lea) something to stick the crispbreads together, But you have have whatever you fancy.

For a mid afternoon snack, I have a small soreen bar, enough to take any hunger away

Dinner time, I just have a normal dinner, think is, as my appetite has now decreased, I don’t have so much dinner. Successfully dodging salad.

I didn’t weigh myself at the start and haven’t since, but have lost at least 2 inches off my waist, I was wearing a tight 46 and now wear a loose 44 inch waist, My belly has gone down, no over hang, my face has got thinner and I feel generally better.

I haven’t mentioned exercise, I used to belong to a gym, but it’s gone family friendly and full of kids at the weekend. I get the dogs out for a good walk and Saturday and Sunday’s, and use the stairs wherever possible

Another thing I used at the start, is you know when you have a tummy bug and never wan’t to eat again, and don’t for a day or two ? I sort of used that mind set, if you change your eating regime, the hard part is thinking about food. If you get the mind set right, you can do it.

There’s more to this weight loss mullarkey than caning the gym and eating salad, there’s more to life than that

It’s a real buzz when you can see progress in the mirror and wearing clothes you haven’t worn for ages

Having the right attitude is a great help, just eating something when you feel hungry, also helps, not loads, not bad stuff, I sat bad stuff, but you know walking past fast food outlets and standing in the queue at the petrol station with all those tasty treats isn’t torture anymore

I’m not anorexic, god forbid, I like food I eat nothing else, just getting in the zone and doing it, it’s been a victory for me, it work for everyone, but some kind of regime change and help you

Being over 60 now and you get warnings about your health, obesity, diabetes, heart problems and all sorts. I did the gym and healthy eating thing a few years back and lost a shed load of weight, in the literal and physical sense

I’ve probably rambled on a bit here, but wanted to share my story, whatever works for you I guess, I’ve gone from being a fat bloke with a big appetite, to a not so fat bloke with a smaller appetite

Good luck everybody with your adventure




Nice 1 mate good luck!!