Not long now lads



… to the new season. We’ve got lots of new faces, plenty of old faces and all mixed up teams that, on paper, look to be fair.

I think we got a bit of a bollocking last week about the total weight loss last season, that is what one team should lose, not the whole shebang! So lets get the season off to a good start and then carry that on. These forums and blogs are here for us all to use, to ask for advice if we need it, to get motivation when we need it, to tell the other guys what we found that helped us individually. Remember, it’s not a competition, it’s a journey for each and every one of us to help the others travel along as well as hitting our own targets.

This forum doesn’t seem to be used much, lets get into it with the help, encouragement and piss taking that we need to take us into healthier BMI’s.