Not more water


What do people drink except water bored of still water want something else. Is sparkling water a bad idea?


Sparkling is fine, it’s just water with bubbles. You could use sugar free cordial to jazz water up or coffee with skimmed milk or no milk at all. Green tea is another option.


I never particularly liked carbonated water, but since I took to trying it again 2 months ago I’ve changed my mind and not only quite enjoy it, but find it makes me feel fuller than still water.


I’m coutning my calories, but I do drink diet soda a fair bit. Not a perfect solution, but it does keep me from getting sick of just plain water.


I use the lemon science in sport hydration tablets. Hardly any calories and they take the edge off plain water. Quite expensive at full price but if you catch the offers right you can normally pick up a tube of 20 for £3.50.


I used to drink 2 litres of cola a day at work alone.

Then something changed 18 months ago…

Yep green tea & all the other ‘milk not required’ teas…


I’ve started on the black coffee as it just tastes better. If I get bored of plain water I’ll whack in some dilute in there. Alternatively I’ll go for a change and have a Diet Coke or something. Even that consumption is down.


Have you tried liquorice tea? That’s my favourite and has a real sweetness to it.

As for what I drink instead of plain water…low-cal squash or Pepsi Max. I know I should probably cut down on my Pepsi Max consumption but I figure it could be worse…


Robinson’s no-sugar cordial, I consume pints of it every day.


I Drink:

  • Sparkling Water

  • Green Tea

  • Chai (Indian Tea, made with loose tea, cinnomon, cardinmon and ginger etc)

  • Breakfast Tea


Suger free Vimto cordial is my go to.

There is quite a few good suger free cordials to be honest Asda do a Orange, Mango & Pineapple one which is really good.

I still drink fizz pop but only suger free ones Pepsi Max Cherry is probably the best I have found.