Nottingham Season 4 week 2



It is important that you guys check your emails and familiarise yourselves with the new changes.
If you are to miss a week it is important that you guys let either myself or your captain know.
Questions, complaints etc can be directed at [, or 0845 163 0042.
Payment queries can be directed to []. Further support around physical activity or nutrition can be found on our forum, specifically Ask a PT anything or Ask a Qualified Dietitian anything
-Instead of the forum posts I will do a quick summary regarding the weight losses.
-A new group will be set up that I will send information across. This group should purely be for messages to be broadcast across everyone and unfortunately not another chat to spam with GIFs left right and centre :joy: But in all seriousness this is so that important messages don’t get lost under other messages.
-I’ll still be available on whatsapp for individual messages
-New point systems for tracking/logging, show me how you’ve been tracking or logging your food. But you must still bring your handbook even if you’ve used another device just so you’ve got another record of your weight.
Anyone who hasn’t had the email let me know.

Just to get the downer out the way, things got heated in one of the games, and it sounds like what started as a few late tackles and kicks became more dangerous. I’ve said before that I don’t want players being at risk of injury, its bad enough players getting injured unintentionally, without adding intentional injuries into the mix as well, as this not only stops them being able to play and perhaps leads to players leaving if they can’t play, but also affects their ability to exercise and lose weight, which is why the sessions happen in the first place. I’ve spoken to the referee and discussed where to go from here, I think as it isn’t a common occurrence, he perhaps didn’t calm it down as quick as he should have, and therefore I’ve reminded him that sin bins can be dished out to players who have lost their cool a bit and are being dangerous.

Hitting your 10,000 steps. For some of you, getting your steps in is a real challenge, but being able to monitor your steps may help you, there are apps on the phone, including samsung’s health app which automatically calculates your steps. Some people may argue that less emphasis should be placed on steps and instead encourage exercise at a greater intensity, however you aren’t going to be able to exercise whilst at work, whereas you may be able to get more steps in. You can go for a walk at lunchtime, but you may not be able to do any other form of exercise such as go to the gym, or go for a run. Obviously your diet is key for weight loss, but if you are starting to plateau and your steps are quite low, this could be something to work on. There is actually an app where you can make money by doing steps called sweat coin that a couple of players have mentioned to me.

Using food for comfort is common. The release of neurotransmitters after this comfort eating causes you to temporarily feel better or less stressed, however often this is countered by feeling guilty and feeling bad as you have gone off track, or perhaps you see your scale reading going up and again this affects your mood. Going for a walk or doing another form of exercise could be a great way to clear your mind, get your thoughts together and prevent comfort eating. Whether its after a stressful day at work, issues at home, or your football team conceded a goal in the 90th minute. Another way to deal with issues is to talk about them. It is well known that woman prefer to talk about their problems more than guys, but whether it is talking to me, or someone else, it isn’t temporary and doesn’t impact your weight like comfort eating, and after a bad week it can be the difference between seeing a loss on the scales and having a positive to end the working week, or seeing the scales go the other way and being something else to add to the list of what hasn’t gone your way.

A few questions you should ask yourself about your approach, I think these are important as I had a good chat with one of the new players who had a great loss this week, and his attitude was basically, it is a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix, which I think is important in ensuring you keep the weight off (hence why I’m not a fan of using shake diets that replace 2 meals with shakes)
1-Will it help to create a calorie deficit?
2-Is this sustainable? (Do I enjoy it or will it lead to binge eating every few days, am I completely eliminating every good food I enjoy)
3-Am I getting enough protein and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) using this approach, this is important for body composition and overall health

Second week of season 4 and you lads have lost a great 131.3kg, with 53.2kg of that coming this week.
Borussia led the greatest team loss this week with a terrific 16.4kg lost, with The Incredible Bulk coming second with an impressive 9.10kg. Dynamo Kebabs were next with 6.7kg, followed tightly by Hardly Athletic with 6.5kg and Man Titty with 6kg.

This weeks greatest individual loss goes to Borussia’s Pete who gets his season underway with a 7kg drop, next was team mate Jon who dropped 4kg in his first week.Dynamo Kebabs’ Alex was up next with a 3.5kg drop, and team mate Chris.P with 3.4kg. Hardly’s new lad Joe starts off strong with a 3kg drop alongside The Incredible Bulk’s Jack, who’s team mates John and captain Chris also get into the squad with 2.6 and 2.5kg drops and Sedge is in the team again after also dropping 2.6kg. Fantastic work guys, but there were some lads who only just missed out that in other weeks would have made it into the team, so keep up the good work.

Onto the first game of the night and OB City took on Friar Tucks, the two teams were looking for their first win. The game was close and both keepers helped keep the scores down, including an incredible save from Colin to deny bib lad who was kept to just 1 goal. Rhys marked his return to the Tucks with 2 goals, and Glen made his debut helping to add some organisation to the Tucks. Luke and Ivan were able to get themselves on the score sheet. The game was tight, but finished 3-2, although with a penalty put in place OB took the pitch score 5-0.
Onto the scales now and OB hit 3 team bonuses, whereas Tucks managed 2, making the overall 8-3 to OB City who will be glad to get some points on the board.

The 7.30 kick off saw last seasons champs, Dynamo Kebabs, take on Hardly Athletic who looked strong in their victory last week. It was another close game, with 2 of the leagues deadliest finishers being identified as threats to the opposition. Hardly just nicked it, with Dave bagging a brace, and Joe getting himself a goal which was enough to scrape past Kebabs, although Colin made some great stops and kept Hardly to just 3. Kebabs were kept at bay by Rhys who had a strong game in goal, but Chris.P and Timmy were able to hit the back of the net for the reds. Both keepers were given MOTM. The score finished 3-2 to Hardly Athletic.
Onto the scales now and both teams added 4 team bonuses, but the final score finished 7-4 to Hardly.
The 8pm kick off saw The Incredible Bulks take on Man Titty who were looking to make get consecutive wins. The greens are still finding their feet, but some great saves by John, who also went on to bag 2 goals for his team in his half out, and the other chances that were created Rob was able to keep out. Titty were in the mood to score though, and Brandon added 5 to his season tally, Grant and Phil grabbed 2 and Mike grabbed 1. The game finished 10-2 to Man Titty.
Onto the scales now and both teams added 3 team bonuses to their scores, but Titty took the overall 13-4.

The last game saw Borussia looking to join Hardly and Man Titty on 4 points, in their way was the Xavi Dodgers. It was another close game, with Simon denying the Xavi’s at one end, and Stan having a fantastic 20 goal, with Andy continuing this till the final whistle. Both Stan and Simon got MOTM from the other team for their keeping performance. Captain SImon was the only Xavi able to get on the score sheet for the burgundy lads, whilst Craig added his 6th for the season and Nick continued his goal scoring from last seasons adding a second to the whites, making the overall 2-1 to Borussia.
Onto the scales now and Mark and Pete join Tone in hitting their 5% this season as well as 4 team bonuses for Borussia extended their lead, despite 3 team bonuses from The Xavi’s. The overall finished 12-4 to Borussia.
So Borussia sit at the top of the overall on goal difference, but Man Titty and Hardly Athletic are level on points with the season 2 champions.