Now full TEAM AFTER - 3rdJan 16?


OK so the teams are filling up quickly now

This is for TEAM AFTER ( after Christmas and New Year so no excuses :smiley: )

EXPECTED START DATE 2nd Jan 16 ( providing everyone has sent a photo by then ) - I will confirm exact date when i am sure

If i have trawled the MVFIA thread correctly we have the following already penciled into the team

@ilpirata ( photo received)
@waveform ( photo received)
@Rugbyman37 ( photo received ) ( and a Fellow Essex Boy so I am rooting for this team now )
@thesquarebit ( to send a photo )
@tanks ( photo received)

Can the above please confirm they are still happy to go

Also if i have missed you off list then let me know now

@admin can you please confirm i am right with photos


OK. I am in.
Pic here in this thread, haven’t changed much in the last week. :wink:


Great stuff


Any spaces left anywhere? I’m uber keen to get back on track!


Yep - you are now in Team AFTER - which is due to start very soon - glad to see you back and fighting to lose


Excellent. So starting tomorrow is that right? What photo is it you need? A before picture? If so where do you need it sent to? If not what do I need to send and where? :smiley:


Send the before photo to @admin please

There is still 1 person pencilled in that hasn’t sent a photo A so we may need to wait for another team member - I will DM the team with the start date as soon as I know


Right Team After is finally sorted and will start tomorrow 3Rd Jan 16

The mega team is as follows

@thesquarebit (I think you other team finishes today so straight in)

As I say we will kick off day 1 tomorrow - I will also DM you later with direct link to team after I have found time to add you on the system

Good luck guys - we have lots of old hands ( not age) so it should be good and help the newbies along the way


@jc247always I am indeed straight in.


You said you wanted a team we don’t waste time :+1:


Anyone else on here use Fitbit?
I’m user
or invite me …


I am in!!!