NSV - Non Scale Victories

Hey Gents - Since the scales have not been my friend while in this group I wanted to celebrate non-scale victories and find out what are yours. Mine is the 100 mile ride, huge accomplishment for my wife and I and I am so happy. Also realizing that I was off track with weight loss and coming back reinvigorated.

How about you guys?


My victory is putting myself first for once. I’m thinking about food again in a healthier way. I’ve even stressed out about meal plans but I haven’t wanted to waste money at the supermarket or take aways. I would drive to the local Asda and buy crap. I haven’t been for a while - if I want to go I will walk.


@avjets1 @PickleRick both of those are great victories. To be honest it is by achieving lots of those NSV’s that will end up giving you the numbers you want on the scale eventually.

Focussing only on the numbers work short term only and then comes the dreaded rebound! Lol

For me my NSV is similar to @PickleRick. I’m starting again to focus on a healthier life / routine. A routine that if I can follow weekly the weight cannot help but come down - albeit slowly. But I’ll take slow. I’ve been overweight for 30+ years so 18 months is no price to pay.

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I think my NSV has been to remind myself of my love of cycling. My son loves cycling too and it was good to go out on our bikes at the weekend.
I seem to have lots more energy now that I’m eating a lot more healthier and I seem to want to do lots more things. So hopefully this will be a continued improvement of eating right and exercising lots.


That is great @Justin Justin and good advice @sturroj1970

I suppose I could have a few NSVs

We went out and bought plates and bowls that were less than half the size of our old ones and Im finding that Im still full even though Im eating a lot less.

I think about food a lot less which is great

My clothes are now looser and my beer belly has noticeably reduced

Ive also been off the fags for 3 weeks so feeling much healthier

Ive also decided to do stoptober, I went without in July and most of August so Im sure I can make it again


Guys, I think this thread is great as people don’t celebrate NSV often enough.

Would you mind if I shared it on the main forum for others to get involved in?

… for a small fee, yes! :wink:

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Great job @Longy123. Absolutely @Andy_Gallon

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This is a post from #mvfia:mvfia-babel group, I think we too often focus on the scales and not on what it means. Anybody have a NSV to share?

Mine would be going on a ride at Drayton Manor and not having to breath in to get the bar down!


my NSV was having to put extra holes in my belt and having to buy new trousers and shorts

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Mine is for taking up @Doctor_Bong’s Run Every Day challenge and sticking to it - I’m on a two day streak! Woohoo!

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I wish I could post sometjing truly inspiring - running a tirathalon, being head hunted by a modeling agency, having to turn down annoying importuning by various and sundry scarlet starlets, but honestly over all the thing I’m most happy with is very mundane: being able to bend over to put socks on easily, to shower and towel off without bursting a blood vessel and no longer fearing the stairs. I think hese are the victories - more than the shrinking clothes and the compliments that are really helping me resist the ever calling of the potato chip bag. Such are the things of my life.

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I thought this topic could do with a bump.

I’m actually saving money now. I’m prepping meals in advance for the week, keeping it simple and I’m still not tempted by junk. I’ll make tasty meals in the slow cooker that will freeze for weeks, this keeps my food budget below £10 p/w for me.

The money I save will be spent on smaller size trousers!

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I had an old pair of Nudie Jeans that I’d paid a lot of money for and had worn them about twice before I grew out of them (a small 34 inch waist), over the last few years I’ve been wearing 36 and 38s, but when i had none of my 36s clean for my boy’s 1st birthday party on Saturday, I thought I’d try these old ones back on - and they fitted like a glove. So comfortable in fact I wore them to drive over an hour the next day without them digging in or anything.

Means I need to go shopping as I sit here in my 38s that were clean and they are basically around my knees…!

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I find this myself too mate, when I stick to just a few foods… I find it much cheaper, regardless of the amount & volume etc, just as in less overall ingredients.

What kind of stuff are you prepping?

Over the past few weeks I’ve done liver and bacon and a chicken stew (for weekends, still have portions left). Slow cooker dal and spicy veg rice have been my dinner for this week and last. Next week’s dinner is lentil ragu. Jacket sweet potato for lunch all week with cottage cheese and homemade guacamole. Nothing fancy but keeps costs down and is tasty enough not to get boring. TBF without checking food diary I can’t remember what I had for lunch last week except Friday! That was a tasty sardine pate on toast.

Phwooor!!! You have made my mouth water so much its like im stood in a bathtub lol

… It was carrot kidney bean soup with bean burger for lunches last week.

Not sure if the wifey would regard it as an NSV but drying my hands this morning and my wedding ring came off… clearly progressing to a state where I resemble Mr Potatohead