NSV - Non Scale Victories


Haha - mine came off in the swimming pool last weekend. Bloody good job I noticed before it drifted too far !


Having all of my pants, need a belt to stay up for long periods. No joke btw, there is not a single pair of pants I own atm, that will stay up w/out a belt.

That right there, is hella inspiring to me. Forget everything else, I’m starting to need new clothes. For the first time in 12 years!

I’m not actually going to be buying new clothes until I hit my goal. But dangnabbit, that feels good.


Awesome work. That is a good feeling :slight_smile:


Let’s bump this thread back to life.

My NSV is no alcohol since 25 April and no crisps (potato or maize snacks etc) since 15 May. No take away since 13 May. But I have had pizza and burgers from supermarket, but I’m knocking those on the head.


I bought a size L t-shirt this week, and yes it does fit !

There was I time when I refused to wear t-shirts cos my Triple X shelf made me look 8 months gone :nauseated_face:


I’m teetotal for over a month now!


9 weeks until a new baby arrives*

*approximately, as they now plan to start her off 2 weeks early… so now looking like mid-August.


Still no alcohol since 25 April and still no crisps (potato or maize snacks etc) since 15 May. Still no take away since 13 May.


This is a great thread. Throughout my many years of being on the roller coaster diet cycle, I have got myself into a bit of a state mentally. I can’t cope with the scales. It’s not a great indicator of success for me and it sends me off into a bit of a depression too easily if it is a few ounces the wrong way!! I now refuse to go on the scales on a regular basis. Maybe I will when I’m sure that I’m way below the weight I am now.

So my success factors now need to be by other means and this thread gives me great ideas. Another plus point for being here :+1:t3:


Good on you for a) admitting it and b) still being here fighting for your health. That’s how winning is done.


Bought some size L off Amazon too.

Hoping they fit as XL is quite loose!


Fantastic Darren. I’m thinking this is a good measure for me. I will aim for size L tops and 34 jeans.

I’m also thinking of dropping a shoe size, but can’t seem to find any good advice on that one :man_shrugging:t3:


If I can bump this thread, I had 2 recent small victories recently.

First off, my dad needed an ironed shirt. So he asked to borrow one of mine, and it was too small for him. This is a first for us, as my shirts used to be too big for him. Now he can’t fit into my shirts anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:

And second victory just happened today. Since I was 14 years old, I’ve always had a double chin. It might have been earlier then that too, though I can’t be sure of that. Any who, I was driving today, and thought about my old photos of having a double chin. And I decided to try and and grab my second chin. Then it hit me that I didn’t have one anymore. Felt good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Needing a new gym program cos the old 1 was 2 easy. It actually ended up abit stressfil cos the instructer set me a thing 2 walk at a pace so i felt out of breath. Am not bein funny cos she obvs looked at me an assumed i get out of breath from walking but i donot. I can walk fast n far as u like not get out of breath. Iv always been a gd walker cos i dont drive. So i had 2 do some careful negotiations but at last i got a new program whats actually gona push me.
Am hoping 2 do circuit training class soon cos i LUV circuits but not done them sinve school cos its the 1st time i find a convenient class


I needed to up my step count from 5k a day to 7k a day. just from the act of walking more. With winter coming on, I might need to lower that. Instead of walking around the block (5k steps in and of itself), I could just climb the stairs for a half hour. Though I imagine I’d get plenty of funny looks as I go up and down the steps during my lunch break.