Obese. Time for surgery?

Hi there,

My name’s Tom, I’m a 31 year old single dad from NW London.

I’ve struggled with my weight forever. Forever. It’s getting to the point now where I am nearing 30 stone and need to do something. I’m coming to the point where I’m considering some kind of surgery.

Looking for support, help, guidance.



You need to find the answers to;

  1. why have you struggled?
  2. what has caused the over-eating? Are there particular triggers?

The science of weightloss in itself is very easy, but like anything, needs a little bit of discipline. It might be easier than you think without surgical extremes.


you maybe required to lose weight before any surgery. There are many on here who started where you are. @atb88 for one and had done really well and smashing it. Engage in the forum, talk to the guys and experience the mvfia groups with like minded people.


I would echo the comments above. Try and look at all other routes first.

A few points regarding bariatric surgery though: It’s not a miracle cure. If you have food issues they don’t disappear because you have the surgery. Contrary to what you sometimes see in the media, you cannot eat what you want and still lose weight. The questions asked by @Darren_Welch above are a good place to start. Secondly, to be considered for weight loss surgery, you normally have to show you have tried lots of other things. Thirdly, I’m a bit out of the loop nowadays, but it’s an expensive operation and we all know that NHS funding is tight - there may be other restrictions on eligibility, it’s by no means automatic that you’ll get it, unless you’re going private.

Mate I’m guessing your in a Mvf league already ? Just persevere with it and talk to some of the other guys, with surgery you still got to exercise and put in a lot of work then you have loads of excess skin. You just gotta keep yourself busy, I find when I’m stuck at home doing nothing I tend to eat crap so I just go out for a walk it really helps

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The struggle has been life long for me - I have been obsessed with food and use it as a safety net.
I’ve tried so many diets and programmes, and each time I’ve gained more weight than I’ve lost

Shift work is my issue. It’s easy for me to snack both in and out of work
Sometimes I think surgery is my only optiom

Thanks for the reply. The forum seems very supportive

I have been doing some research on the surgery, and you’re right about the pre-op conditions
Failed diet after another has blighted me though. Each time I’ve gained more weight than I’ve lost

First error. Weightloss isn’t some magic diet or program. It’s as simple as creating a calorie deficit. No matter the diet or program, they all boil down to a calorie deficit. The first step is understanding this very basic thing.

Now download an app such as LoseIt or MyFitnessPal, enter your details and see what calorie allowance it will give you per day & work out your meals to that sort of calorie figure.

Next, look at what foods you would happily replace with lower calorie foods.

I am changing jobs soon to shift work - because it will give me more time to do exercise, more time on my feet during my work hours…

I wish it was like magic!

Thanks for those suggestions - will have a look.

I’m a train driver, shift work has always suited me, even with my young son


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I would hold off on any thoughts of surgery for the time being (I think you might be too heavy to be accepted for any anyway).
30 stone is a large amount so you need to make small but significant changes to your life style. Exercise is going to be difficult but just starting something you haven’t been doing will work wonders, maybe a 20 minute walk a day?
Intake is going to be the issue. Have a look at what you consume each day and look at what you can take out (alcohol, cakes, crisps). Don’t do too much at once, slow and steady wins the race.
I can’t speak for others but why not keep this open as a blog and tell us what you are consuming and ask for further help and advice? I’d be happy to check in and chat.
The 30 day groups are great, but I think that maybe you need a bit more personal support.

That’s class. I’m on GWR

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I guess so, but I think people heavier than me are accepted provided they prove they can lose weight first.
Just about everything tires me out, but some light walking is doable!
I will probably keep a record of it - thanks!

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Yeah…I only THINK, I don’t know exactly. No offence was meant or anything.
If you feel comfortable, post an example of your daily intake. No one will be judging you or anything.

I watched a programme this morning where I bloke had a balloon inserted into his stomach. This was a reversible procedure. He did quite well by it.

That’s interesting to know - what’s the programme?

It was a programme called How to lose weight well. I think it was the second season, one of the last episodes. I live in China so was watching it on a Chinese site, not sure if it will work in England but I will try and post a link. The whole two series are pretty good actually.


IT is in series two episode five.

This might play there, just not sure.