Official kits query


We’re looking to get official MvF kit for the team but can’t find a goalie shirt. Is there one available??
Would be good if possible as we’d like team logo on there.



MVF tops are quite expensive tbh all our teams in the Peterborough league most shop elsewhere! You get some good deals if you shop around.


if you are looking for official kits, try to buy it from their official website from store tab, otherwise search on google if there is anyone providing authentic kits.


The official kits are expensive but to be fair are good quality, I purchased a top season 1 and have kept that as a reminder of how big I was. I’ve lost 30kgs plus so it is huge.

Team-wise we tend to but the same tops in bulk from the likes of M&M direct etc.


Thanks guys. Unfortunately goalie tops aren’t available at the moment but I’ve been told they’re on the way!!

Having had one of the official shirts for St George’s Park we decided to order the MvF shirts for the whole team which turned up yesterday. Great quality and can’t wait to wear them tonight!
Will get a team photo up as soon as we’ve got one.