Official match rules?

Is there anywhere I can find the official match rules? i have had a look about but to no avail.

im used to just playing 5 a side with mates but without the rules such as no overhead height, cant pick the ball up from a passback etc

thanks in advance!

I’m not sure where there is the official link i’m sure Admin will find this for you.

My league don’t play a head height rule
Keeper must roll the ball out
Keeper picks the ball up from pass backs but cannot roll the ball back to the same player

No pass backs to the keeper (indirect free kick awarded), no slide tackles, no entering the area, kick the ball on instead of throw-ins at Leyton, mate.

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Have a chat with your league coach, as each venue will change their rules ever so slightly, some play no overhead height if it’s an indoor league, such as Wigan and Rochdale as examples. There is a rules PDF that can be shared as well.

Oooh, the arguments this has caused lol. In Portsmouth we play 6 a side on a 5 a side pitch (!?) so we allow over head height but no heading. You can’t pass back to the keeper if he passes to you, keepers are allowed to kick out but it must stay below waist high, subs only when there is a stoppage in play (we play in a cage so a door had to open - dangerous if it is done during play). No slide tackles and no one except keeper allowed in the area.

Saying al that, each venue is different I bet.

The rules will vary from site to site dependant on the type and size of pitch, indoor/outdoor etc
When we started we went through the main rules, throw-in/kick-in, head height, pass backs etc… so everyone knew where they stood, and we have just started season 4 and re-capped on them at registration night. Could be an idea to get someone from your league to create a ‘welcome pack’ type thing to go with the players books, that gives them the rules for your venue and contact info for the coach and team captains. Thinking of doing it for our league so it can be given out to new players when they join and at the start of new seasons