Old member back

As the title suggests, a former member back looking for inspiration to lose some pounds!

Last log in was in 2016. So what have I missed?! :rofl:

Oh, and @Admin can I have my “Lost 15lbs” removed? I’m definitely needing a restart. :flushed:

ETA: I’ll also update my profile shortly as it’s all out of date. :man_facepalming:

Better messaging @emma1
A few of the admins have moved on.

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Ah ok. I thought @admin was the founder (Andrew Shanahan)? Obviously things have changed in 3 years.

@emma1 Can you look at the above for me please?

So what are the highlights?

He was but I think something has happened, sold on the MVF name and its been bought by someone else… I think.
@emma1 will fill you in

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@admin has taken a step back. @emma1 is his better half as he would say I believe.

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Welcome back.

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No, I’m not that Emma :laughing: Shan’s wife is indeed called Emma but I am not her!

Welcome back! I will remove your lost 15lbs, though I’m sure it won’t be long until we’re reinstating that!

Yes, Shan has moved on - you can read more of an explanation here: Hello! An update

With a name like @emma1 you can understand the confusion…

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Yup, sadly it’s a very common name. Happens a lot!

Emma’s all sound the same on internet forums as well…