Oldbury league

Would just like to say how much I have enjoyed This season in the oldbury league. My team porky blinders won the league and cup double last night for the first time and in the process since January I have lost 29.5kg. Would never have thought I would loss that much so quickly. Love playing football again with a great bunch of lads on every team.


Great, great achievement on your weight loss… well done

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Great result mate well done!

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Well done mate - you’re looking so much healthier. Keep it up!

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Good going, keep it up

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Thank you guys. Looking forward to the next season and more weight loss as I am aiming for 10-11 stone loss in total.

Well done mate! I remember speaking to you before you joined the league. It’s inspirational to see the effort you have put in. Keep it up and roll on next season

I remember mate, you were a friendly face who eased me into joining . No looking back now mate just played an hour and scored a goal. Absolutely love it. Keep going mate, I’m always about if you want a chat.

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Hi all I’m looking to join the Oldbury league sorry if posting on this thread is not right but couldn’t find another.Im just wondering what it’s like plating & is it good fun & will I lose weight.I used to play as a defender but I discovered beer & a mrs who cooks for the 5 thousand I’m 17 stone 6”2 I do run a lot but I want to be involved in something that I can do as a group with good people & lose weight at the same time.Any Info would be cool.Also well done on your weight loss superb effort.



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Hi Dan

Oldbury league is really good with a brilliant bunch of lads. We have all levels of fitness with some who have lost weight and are now maintaining to some big lads .I have been doing it 18 months and have lost nearly 10 stone. It is all about weightloss and getting fitter. Come down have a chat and a watch at portway leisure centre from 8pm. See what you think.

Fantastic effort, well done. Just joined Oldbury a few weeks ago, not played yet due to an existing injury, reading your story just makes me want to get out there.
Fair play.

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Cheers, just takes consistent effort and love playing football again. Remember my first game, hurt slot after just 5 minutes. Now play full match and still love it.

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Hi dan

I have sent you a WhatsApp message and happy to chat and hopefully by the player responses you have received you have recognised a friendly welcome and atmosphere and an insight into what is possible with commitment, focus and a push for team and personal goals