Oldbury - Newcomer


Alreet lads!

My name is Geordie and I’ve just signed up for MvF Oldbury. I’m eager to get started but haven’t heard anything in terms of when the games start.

Is there anyone else in that league? I played football for 21 years but my son started to get really good and I needed to be his taxi driver so I haven’t played properly for 4 years. I’m really looking forward to some competitive football and the whole weight loss aspect is obviously a massive benefit.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can find out more about when i’ll be able to start playing?



@MvFFootballHelp can guide you through the process when they gets on


Hi @Geordie6 - your coach @nglover1979 will be in touch when you can be allocated into a team. He will let you know what colour shirt your team uses, and what happens next. Make sure you have some shinpads and footwear suitable for outdoor 4G pitches!


Great, thanks. I’m just eager to get involved