Oldbury season 7 ended and season 8 approaching

The title amazing loser is fitting to a great well amazing achievement losing 4lb short of 10stone since joining league. In season 7 Neil Hodgetts took over as captain and kept his standard high and scales focus with 11.5 weight loss goals, a 5% and just short of 10%. Topping weight loss goals league and captaining team in recent 11s game as reward for efforts.

Well done to Ade wall Hayes pushing all the way to final game with weight loss goals for continual consistent weight loss.

Also well done to Matthew Maries 5% in consecutive seasons and again in top 10.

Weight loss pairs winners were mike Mitchell and Dan Hickman of real madras well done success which saw Dan achieve healthy bmi

Well done to ivory toast winning the cup in the final tonight overturning a pitch loss.

Congratulations to porky blinders for winning the weight loss league and combined league

Weight loss pairs will be drawn for the new season and initially first 4 game weeks weight lost will be combined with the top 8 pairs going through to knockout round

Registration night follows on 5/7/19 with first games of new season the following week.

Please use the week ahead to reenergise to kick on again and have a look at the following task ready once you have registered your start weight next week it really will help

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