Oldbury season 7 week 13

As we head to end of season some dates for your diary

28 June week 14 fixtures
5 July registration night
12 July game week 1 new season

Welcome to league to Matt Lawrence first week tonight.

Well done on a great scales week to Gavin Bennett 2.5kg loss

Week 14 fixtures are up on the website under cup fixtures tab and the 8pm ko will be the cup final between the two teams in top placing after weeks 11-13 fixtures
Ivory toast v porky blinders

Weight loss team of the week
1/Lee Thompson and Paul rainbow 1kg loss
2/Neil Hodgetts 1kg Loss
3/Kristian Clarke 1kg Loss
4/Lee burgess 1kg Loss
5/Piotr Koryl 1.2kg Loss
6/ gav Bennett 2.5kg loss

Weight loss team of season
1/Chris Brookes 5.6kg loss
2/tony green 6.2kg loss
3/Paul Gouldingay 6.8kg loss
4/Kevin Randle 7kg loss
5/Matthew Maries 7.1kg loss
6/Neil Hodgetts 11.5kg loss and on track for amazing loser