Oldbury season 8 week 11

Cup week this week.

Three more weeks of this season and still everything to play for.

Welcome to Phil round new to the league.

Weight loss by team cumulative
Bayern munchies 34.2kg
Inter losing weight 7.7kg
Ivory toast 20.3kg
Porky blinders 29.1kg
Real madras 22.6kg
Snackrington Stanley 11.6kg

When tracking calories and looking at creating a calorie deficit the main thing to recognise is creating the deficit. If your intake is hitting in and around the recommended calorie mark for you then you will stay in around the same weight each week. Study back your intake for week and see where you can make swaps or cut something out. Discuss within team as they may already have made a swap you can try.

Weight loss team of the week
1/Ben Farnsworth 1.2kg loss, lee burgess 1.2kg loss
2/Jason Ellis 1.2kg loss
3/matthew Maries 1.4kg loss
4/Steven Leonard 1.4kg loss
5/Jamie Degge 1.5kg loss
6/Piotr Koryl 1.6kg loss

Man of the match for madras was Kev tonight fantastic first man v fat goal and superb in the middle of the pitch

Porky blinders Man of the match the whole team for keeping going and lots of running

Jay for the munchies for his brilliant saves​:ok_hand::ok_hand:

For Snackrington a great team effort on the pitch coming back from 1-0 down, big shoutouts for Baz, Jon and Matt for their goals and Flash recovered well in goal to make some good saves

Phil is inter Man of the match, first game in the league and worked hard for the team