Oldbury season 8 week 12

Well done to lee burgess, Luke smith and Adam Reeson all achieving 5% losses this week for ivory toast and real madras respectively.

There were also 7 hattricks across the teams so a big well done.

Weight loss by team cumulative and for week
Bayern munchies 35.3kg total - 1.1kg this wk
Inter losing weight 17.6kg total - 9.9kg this wk
Ivory toast 26.4kg total - 6.1kg this wk
Porky blinders 28kg total - -1.1kg this wk
Real madras 35.4kg total - 12.8kg this wk
Snackrington 13.2kg total - 1.6kg this wk

Conversations tonight on portion control and tracking closer leading to trying my fitness pal as a description of a meal could have multiple hundreds of calories different in it depending on portion size, sauce, how cooked etc. It’s something worth trying for new season.

Sleep is important to your week ahead see below

If you have friends or family looking to sign up for new season tonight is the deadline for reduced sign up fee

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Anthony Wilkes and rich Davies 2.4kg each
2/luke smith 2.4kg 5% and hattrick
3/mark Ingram 3kg loss
4/Adam Reeson 3kg loss and 5%
5/Sean derrington 3.5kg loss and hattrick
6/Phil round 6kg loss great start

Some great achievements well done all.

Snackrington’s MOTM was Shane in a new position at centre back and a big shout out to Jon for a hat trick on the pitch

Man of the Match for the munchies is mark for his great Weight loss and the whole team for the pitch :ok_hand::ok_hand:

All of the lads from Inter ran their socks off tonight

Porkys MOTM was Mike. Fitted in well after just joining team, good weight loss and played with a broken arm. Legend