Oldbury season 8 week 2

Weight loss up to 120kg at week 2 great start

Weight loss by team

Bayern munchies 18.1kg for season and 1.6kg this week
Inter losing weight 10.2kg for season and 5.1kg for week
Ivory toast 11.6kg for season and 4.1kg this week
Porky blinders 27.7kg for season and 10.7kg this week
Real madras 34.2kg for season and 11.9kg this week
Snackrington 18.8kg for season and 8.7kg for this week

Some useful talking points today with changes at lunch time to eat more fruit, motivation of upcoming holiday in few months and a change in tactic to hit consistent losses for longer term. Maybe one or more of these you can connect with.

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Neil Hodgetts 2.5kg loss
2/Luke stamps 2.6kg loss
3/Lee Thompson 3kg loss
4/Ben Farnsworth 3.8kg loss
5/Richard Davies 4.5kg loss with missing last week again showing good focus
6/Daryl Kitson 4.8kg loss with missing last week shows good focus welcome back

Next week is hattrick week so if you attended registration night and lost weight week 1 and 2 opportunity to score an extra weight loss goal

Captains shout outs for the week

Shane from Snackrington, playing in goal, while not being fit to play outfield and continues to lose weight

Porkies Great running from Gareth and Paul and overall team performance with no subs and heat.whole team are motm​:muscle::muscle::muscle:

Ivory toast Really good solid Performance from us all stand out moment the goal for 1-0 and spider :spider:in goal header from the back post and to save it what a player

Inter losing weight No stand out performer for us.Every player had a great game and goals came from all over the pitch.
Everyone from the munchies doing well and a special mention to Mark i thought he was brilliant for us two more goals for him🤙

Daryl for Madras. Some class saves on his return and great weight loss

Next week see’s the top two on scales and overall league go head to head
Inter losing weight vs real madras