Oldbury Season 8 week 8

Well done tonight to mark Piggott first season with us and achieved his 5% tonight great achievement :clap:

Also well done to Sean derrington came straight from
Work unable to play but smashed it with a 3.5kg loss to seal a 5% super achievement

Tonight we had 3 hattricks across the league well done to all who achieved

Weight loss by team
Bayern munchies 14.5kg for season
Inter losing weight 19.5kg for season
Ivory toast 11.7kg for season
Porky blinders 47.5kg for season
Real madras 65.8kg for season
Snackrington 24.1kg for season

Holidays over and back into a routine please have a read of the below to help refocus for remainder of league season and the cup weeks

Weight loss pairs semi finals results see’s a final of the below pairings. We will run the final based on two weeks weigh ins based on weight lost weeks 9 and 10.

Neil H and Suky v Paul r and Sean d

Weight loss team of the week
1/Adrian wall Hayes 1.2kg loss
2/Ben Farnsworth 1.4kg loss
3/Lee Thompson 1.5kg loss
4/Darryl Kitson 1.5kg loss
5/Shane abbey 2.2kg loss
6/Sean derrington 3.5kg loss

With two league games left real madras need one positive result to win the overall league with porky blinders on there heels in second place

Pitch league is level with inter losing weight and ivory toast both on 11 points

Scales league has tonight been won by real madras well done great achievement

Captains shout outs for the weeks

Ivory toast team effort on the pitch down to the bare 6 with good scales losses for Lee and Luke

For Inter, everyone did there part. Great movement, defending and attacking. Be harsh to single anyone after that performance.

John for Snackrington. He ran tirelessly. Great performance.

Porky blinders Great team performance and Mark for hitting his 5% and consistency.

Madras - Sean for a game winning 5%. Oh, and Mike scored.

Weight loss top goalscorer chart at week 8