Oldbury season 9 week 4 weight loss 209.1kg

Weight loss has now topped 200kg well done

Bayern munchies are the first team this season to score double figures weight loss goals in one game so a big well done with 10 scales goals tonight
We had some 5% this week so a big well done to Jamie Degge and Jason Ellis of Bayern munchies and to Neil hodgetts of porky blinders and to matthew Maries of snackrington Stanley great achievements all. Stephen Morgan also achieved his 5% this week for ivory toast and that with going away for a holiday so stay focused and achieve even though been on holiday is another great achievement.

There was also 9 hattricks tonight across the teams

Weight loss by team as at end of week 4
Bayern munchies 34.8kg
Inter losing weight 34.7kg
Ivory toast 36.3kg
Porky blinders 31.9kg
Real madras 42.9kg
Snackrington Stanley 28.5kg

Weight loss team of the week
1/Chris Brookes 1.8kg loss
2/Robert page 2kg loss
3/Matthew Maries 2kg and 5%
4/Anthony Wilkes 2.2kg and 10kg for season
5/Ade wall Hayes 2.4kg and stayed focused despite missing two weeks
6/Jamie degge 2.5kg and 5%

Great commitment to the scales books tracking your intake with all teams consistently scoring 2-3 tracking goals each week depending on player availability. Remember you can use apps such as my fitness pal and show me that if you prefer as your phone is always to hand and theses apps give you even greater control on calories and creating calorie deficits which in the long term is where a maintained loss which be achieved, saying that our calorie intake will be bound to spike in a months time so why not give it the extra big push now to offset that extra helping of Christmas pud or dip into the chocolate box around Christmas.

A reminder we have two weeks off at Christmas 20th and 27th December and then we will return Friday 3rd January.

We have 3 more sessions before that and next week will be a league game which will be followed by 2 cup weeks

29th November week 5 league
6th December week 6 cup
13th December week 7 cup

The cup fixtures will be confirmed shortly.

I found these today very nice and low calorie although slightly moreish so half a bag not quite enough but good for a low calorie snack

Captains shout out for the week

Bayern munchies My player week nominations is everyone for the munchies and an very special special shout out to Jay for coming in to weigh in and he got his 5% massive respect and he is doing well on the weight

The whole team for Inter, every player losing weight for the first time this season and that definitely gave them the confidence going on to the pitch. Great work boys

All the team for madras really dug deep second half

Dodge for Porkies. Hit his 5% and continues to lead from the front. Brilliant attendance too. Captain Fantastic

For Snackrington was a great team performance on the pitch but big shout outs to Matt for getting is his 5% and Jon for his brace on the pitch

Weight loss pairs knock out stage
Qtr final

Average kg lost of available players highest pair goes through.

1)Dan and Adam T VS Anthony W and Gav B
2) paul, paul and mark vs mark I and Jamie D
3) lee and luke vs Tom,lee and Gordon
4) paul R and mike m vs nathan b and ash c