Oldbury up and running

Some great achievements already on our return.

Rob Smith after smashing his way through his 5% on his return got his 10% weight loss last night a great achievement to stay on track during lockdown and achieve a 10% loss :clap:

Another great achievement lee Thompson of snackrington lost over lockdown, lost each week since and earned his first 5% last night well done lee. Brilliant

Also on snackrington dan Cox has come back with 4.4kg loss since preseason weigh in.

Dan Hickman of real madras managing to get back to within .33% of healthy bmi which he achieved before the break is a great achievement. Mike Mitchell and Sean derrington posted great progress results since return in losing the covid gain.

Well done to Michael Morgan of porkies 5% for his team last night which is 5kg loss since preseason return. Great effort.
We also have Ben Farnsworth and Neil hodgetts on around 4kg losses since the return.

Lee burgess of ivory toast achieved his 5% last night too and his hattrick which is great result after having stayed bordering his March weight on his return from lockdown.

Luke stamps 5% for inter losing weight another to come back with a loss after lockdown and keep losing since. Great result.

Bayern munchies currently have Nathan Bevin and Jaydon Hadley leading the way, teamed you in the pairs competition and recording a combined 10.5kg losses since return.

Well done all great efforts and hopefully good stories everyone can congratulate on and also use as inspiration in the weeks ahead.

As a team progress is coming along, in no particular order
Snackrington 10kg loss this week
Real madras 10kg loss this week
Porky blinders 11kg loss this week
Ivory toast 8kg loss this week
Inter losing weight 7kg loss this week
Bayern munchies 12kg loss this week

A combined 58kg losses :muscle:

We are middle point of the first round of weight loss pairs and hopefully having that direct coupling up challenge will benefit you, your team mate and your wider team on the scales.
The top 8 pairs after next next Friday’s weight in will go through to the next round of knockout pairs.

Next week (wk5) will be a league week and then we will have two cup weeks. In the cup weeks I will be introducing extra bonus goals.

3 exercise sessions in the week by a player complete with an RTE ( rate of exertion) each time.

The bonus scoring will work the same as tracking and in addition to tracking.
3 player do 3 exercises is 1 goal
6 players do 3 exercises is 2 goal
7+ players do 3 exercises is 3 goals.
The idea of rate of exertion is be honest and then try to increase it. So if you do half hour exercise but feels like 50% effort next time do 75%Then up it. Exercise can be good for mental health but also for burning calories but the more effort we put in the more calories burn and will see result on the scales over a period of time.

For some of you this might be no more exercise sessions than normal but just an opportunity to stop and record an exertion score against it to see if you could do more. In some instances we can’t we might be exercising with an injury but start to log that too as can build up a history of what works for you and what levels you are able to put in. My 9/10 might be someone else’s 7/10 it’s your own perception of the workout you had.

Cup fixtures week 1 2nd October
8.10 Bayern munchies v inter losing weight
8.40 real madras v porky blinders
9.10 snackrington v ivory toast

Cup week 2 9th October
8.10 ivory toast v Bayern munchies
8.40 snackrington v real madras
9.10 inter losing weight v porky blinders

A reminder on covid rules.
Fill in your self assessment.
Keep track of local guidelines.
Wear face mask to weigh in
Social distance where possible when not playing.
Pick up and clear your own litter away, no chewing gum.
No handshakes.
No swapping of goalie gloves.

A few meal ideas from myself that I have been having this last week

Personal favorites were Devilled eggs, homemade burgers and a picnic grabbing plate for a family day out

In terms of my lands end to John o groats challenge in memory of Mark Piggott I am now up to 445km out of 1408km. Nearly a third of the way. Lot of sweat, blisters but nothing worth doing was easy. Well done on the minutes silences last week following on from minutes silence in preseason week 1. We will do lots more as a group in memory of Mark.

Weight loss team of the week with some great results

  1. Sean derrington 5kg loss
  2. lee Thompson 3.5kg loss
  3. Jamie Degge 3.5kg loss
  4. Kieran Harper 3.1kg loss
  5. Chris Parkes 2.8kg loss
  6. Nathan Bevin 2.5kg loss
  7. Mark Greenwell 2.2kg loss/ bill birkett 2.2kg loss/ Michael Morgan 2.2kg loss

Shouts outs
From captains this week go to

Player of the week will be for Jay for munchies for losing 3.5kg and an great team performance :+1::+1:

Player of the week for Snackrington will be Lee, great weightloss. Shout out to Dan too. He put a shift in tonight.

Team for madras tonight on the pitch all put in a proper shift

Lee for toast always puts a shift in gd team player

Porkies Couldn’t say just one player, great team performance and effort.

Luke Stamps for inter 5%

We are currently at around 33% of players back under start weight which is great progress well done all if your back under and if not keep up the great work you will get there it’s been a tough few months but lots of time to achieve now

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