Oldbury week 10

Good run out Saturday in the 60 min charity game v west Brom league finished 0-0 in 60 mins.

Saturday morning next week is stoke away 10.30am kick off 11s

Tonight we saw 5kg loss in a week bonuses for bayern munchies, porky blinders and snackrington Stanley

A great achievement of 10% loss for Michael Morgan of porky blinders who is now nearing a healthy bmi

A great achievement of 5% achieved for Gordon Winwood of snackrington

Weight loss team of the week this week with some great results

  1. Jaydon Hadley 6kg Loss a big loss this week following gain last week, now taken on a second league for accountability on a Monday after the weekend
  2. Gordon Winwood 2.4kg loss and his 5%
  3. lee wainwright 1.8kg loss busy week
  4. Barry Purewal 1.4kg loss
  5. Luke stamps 1.2kg loss
  6. Ben Farnsworth 1.2kg
  7. bill birkett 1.2kg loss

If you haven’t seen already you have some free resource to use as part of your package Please have a look might be something really useful on silver cloud I shared a photo on the broadcast group today

Below are some meal shares for week from myself

As a league we now have 3 teams out of 6 that are lighter now than when season started in February so great achievement
Porky blinders, ivory toast and snackrington Stanley

We are 24.4kg over our February season start position so if we all can lose 0.5kg next week we should be lighter than February as an overall league which is great position.

If anyone needs any support 1-2-1 on focus, motivation or just some ideas of food swaps or exercise let me know.

Next week cup matches

8.10Bayern munchies v real madras
8.40 porky blinders v ivory toast
9.10 Snackrington v inter losing weight

As it stands it’s 2 from 3 going into the final based on the next results could come down to goal difference
Porky blinders 4 points +11gd
Bayern munchies 4 points +9gd
Snackrington 4 points +8 gd