Oldbury week 11 season 7 5% land

Cup week 1 tonight good luck to all

Welcome to the league to Ross Wilkinson and lee Burgess and Kieran Harper

5%s tonight for Stephen Morgan of Ivory toast and Kev Randle of real madras well done to both

Next Saturday is the 11aside game away to Kidderminster spaces still available if interested in playing £5 cost per player

Some of the guys enjoyed the day out to Colchester last week we lost 4-2 but a close game with score 2-2 with 20 mins to play

Please see below for drink swaps to help with your scales efforts

![image|497x499] (upload://iqeIoe20D3H5cWtDbixT7vLdc1X.jpeg)

Weight loss team of the week
1/Matthew Maries and Nathan Bevin 1.2kg loss
2/Barry Purewal 1.2kg loss
3/Ashley Daniels 1.4kg loss
4/Jamie Degge 2kg loss
5/Kev Randle 2.6kg loss
6/Adam Tallack 2.6kg loss

Weight loss team of the season.
1/Adrian wall Hayes 5.8kg loss Paul hill 5.8kg loss
2/Matthew Maries 5.9kg loss
3/tony green 6.2kg Loss
4/Steven Davies 6.6kg loss
5/Paul Gouldingay 7kg Loss
6/Neil Hodgetts 10.5kg loss

Captains shout outs

Bayern munchies All of the team because we only had 6 players and this game was a very good game

Flabletico Everyone did there job on the pitch for flab. Hard game

Snackrington The whole team. We went 2-2 and got winner with almost last kick of the game, showed real determination to take lead again

Porky blinders Ade WH on and off the pitch has been solid. Brilliant team performance against a very good ivory toast team

Ivory toast Stephen Morgan 5% and Silas in goal again great saves and all the team worked hard with two new boys adding to the team

Real madras Motm spider. I thought he was class when I met him but he gets better every week. Some of the saves today were genuinely top drawer and Kev for hitting his 5% on just 5weeks