Oldbury week 2 first 5% since restart

Weight loss for the league as a whole sits at 207.5kg a big well done

Welcome to Shaquille and Peter new to the league tonight it doesn’t rain every week i promise

We have our first 5% of the season a big well done to Gordon Winwood of Snackrington a 5% which turned a pitch defeat into a victory overall.

For those who attended registration, lost weight in week 1 and 2 then next week is a good week as if you lose weight in week 3 it’s your hattrick week so an extra weight loss goal.

On my checking we have the potential to get 50 hattricks next week so good enough motivation to keep close to your progess over bank holiday.

Weight loss by team as at week 2
Bayern munchies 27.9kg
Incredible bulks 25.7kg
Inter losing weight 23.9kg
Ivory toast 19.1kg
Not fast just furious 25.3kg
Porky blinders 31.1kg
Real madras 25.4kg
Snackrington Stanley 28.5kg

Player of the week for the teams which can be a mixture of pitch effort, scales effort or both or another reason

Ivory toast Mark lamb done well and kept going even in lock down and worked hard on the pitch in chat helping every week

Munchies Every single one of the munchies we had 7 players and played outstanding im proud of everyone on the team

Phil Round for a great lose of the scale for Inter. Team is gelling together now also

All of the bulks to clinch our first pitch league win. Special mention for Ed who recovered from having a harsh penalty given against him to be a rock at the back and another good loss on the scales.

Paul Rainbow for Madras. 3,5kg loss and solid performance!

Snackrington Gordon with the 5% :muscle:

Porky blinders Bill for porkies. Lost incredible amount of weight over lockdown through a tough time and continued to do same since his return. 1st game back tonight and bagged a goal aswell

Not fast just furious nath Hadley a 2kg loss even though couldn’t play contributed for his team

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Phil round 4kg loss great week motivated to get team of the week and he certainly did that in style great effort Phil keep up great work.
  2. Paul rainbow or backheel with a 3.5kg loss
  3. Dan Williams 3.4kg Loss great start
  4. lee wainwright 2.8kg loss
  5. Anthony Brookes 2.5kg loss new to league and leading by example as captain
  6. Jaydon Hadley 2.5kg loss dual leaguer with losses flowing and double goal scorer today
  7. Oliver Medlock 2.2kg loss a great start

A little challenge to keep you on track this week as bank holiday could throw a real spanner in the works of your progress. There is 1 extra bonus goal for next Friday for each team who lose 5kg or more as a team, so an average of 0.5kg each player. Gives you something to keep focused over bank holiday.

Next Sunday 9th we have an 11aside match in Telford v the Telford league 1pm ko if anyone is interested in playing its good fitness and good opportunity to meet other players in the league.
We have spaces if interested let me know, we will be wearing black and it’s £5 per player to play. It’s our first 11s game since restart but it’s a step to getting us ready for the 11s league games from July.

Talking of extra tournaments did you see the save the date for St. George’s park. Good day for those teams lucky enough to take part.

So hattricks and 5%s sure to drop
In shortly stay focused and challenge and support each other, it’s been a difficult year and we are all in this together to get fitter healthier and enjoy exercise and the game of football we love.

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