Oldbury week 3 season 8

Weight loss for season upto 154.4kg

The three teams who had a 5% tonight all won overall

Well done for hitting 5% tonight to the following great achievement :
Ash Cockbill 5% Bayern munchies
Richard Davies 5% real madras
Matthew Maries 5% snackrington

Weight loss by team

Snackrington 9kg loss for week
Real madras 8.1kg for the week
Porky blinders 0.7kg for the week
Ivory toast 1.7kg for the week
Inter losing weight 7.8kg for the week
Bayern munchies 6.5kg for the week

Weight loss team of the week week 3
1/Kevin Randle 1.8kg for week
2/Ryan Sherwood 2kg for week
3/Chris roach 2.6kg for week
4/Paul hill 2.6kg for week
5/Paul rainbow 3.9kg for week
6/Daniel cox 5.2kg for week

More opportunities for hattricks next week for 3rd loss and also 5% nearing so keep the conversation going in chat as this may be the trigger required by a team mate

Next week we have another top of table encounter with real madras v snackrington, scales efforts will have an impact so big week

Captain shout out this week

Ivory toast All the team ash played some good football tonight and lee playing with a injury

Real madras Whole team for Madras. Class effort til the end . Special mention to Rich getting his 5%!

Everyone at munchies tonight great team performance special mention to Nathan for great saves and for ash for his 5%

Snackrington Stanley Matty Maries. Awesome weightloss, 1st to 5% for team Mr. Consistent

Porky blinders - Mark for his debut , played full match and did very well. A good addition to the team.