Oldbury week 3 season 9

In my pre man v fat life I was a fa qualified football coach and coaching mentor and saw some slides the other day that rang a bell and thought how they linked into our scale and healthier life journeys.

The development journey of a footballer splits into the below 4 categories or corners in football terms.


Social being team work communication with team about changes, exercise etc and motivating each other.
Physical can we put more exercise in burn off the calories
Technical can we plan our weeks intake manage calories tracking and controlling with the use of books or an app and even portion control
Psychological can I or we focus can I recover from a gain and switch my mentality back from a heavy Saturday night out of beers and food and then what will i make Sunday be.
Very similar and might help to work on where the change might need to be made if your looking for that extra spark.

2 x 5% tonight and a big well done to mark Greenwell if inter losing weight and paul rainbow of real madras.

We also had our first hattrick week and there were 16 hattricks tonight for those players who attended reg night and all weeks since with losses in weeks 1,2 and 3.

Weight loss by team at week 3 cumulative
Bayern munchies 32.5kg
Inter losing weight 28.6kg
Ivory toast 34.6kg
Porky blinders 23.9kg
Real madras 46.6kg
Snackrington 27.2kg loss

Welcome back to Carl Holloway into the league tonight who returns after playing way back in season one.

Weight loss team of the week
1/mark Greenwell 1.8kg loss
2/Jamie Degge 2kg loss
3/Silas Mawdsey 2kg loss
4/Paul rainbow 2kg and 5% and hattrick
5/Shaun Armstrong 3.2kg loss great effort
6/Jaydon Hadley 5.5kg loss and mojo found

Next week sees the top two in overrall and scales league go head to head in an exciting game with scales focus sure to play a big part

Captains shout out for week

Porky blinders only 4 available players well done to all suky, Gareth, paul and dodge 110%

Everyone for the munchies tonight off and on the pitch but an special mention to Robert tho he put on weight but he played outta his skin on the pitch massive respect​:pray::pray:

Madras Paul man of the match tonight on and off the field in a hard game for all of us

Difficult to pick a man of the match for Snackrington, it was a good team effort. I’m going to pick out Bigz for his weightloss. It feels like he’s really turned a corner this season. Great to see.

Inter losing weight Despite the result, some cracking weight loss this week. Jaydon with a massive 5.5kg loss and Mark for hitting 5%. Well done both

Ivory toast Wasn’t there for toast but heard we won 12-0 on pitch so everyone and Conner for most of the goals and a good scales week for Silas

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