Oldbury week 3 what a night on the scales

What a night first opportunity for hattricks.

We start with Bayern munchies
13.3kg loss as a team this week and 41.2kg for season

6 hattricks and 3 x 5%s in the team
Well done to Jaydon Hadley, Jason Ellis and Nathan Bevin with the 5%s

Bonus 1 goal achieved for 5kg loss as a team

Incredible bulks up next 7.3kg loss as a team and a total so far of 31.5kg

4 hattricks in the team and 1 x 5% a big well done on 5% to Wayne Madeley

1 x bonus goal achieved for 5kg loss as a team over bank holiday week

Both teams played out a close game on the pitch 4-3 and big effort matched on the scales with a combined +20kgs loss

Inter losing weight with 2.2kg loss this week and a combined 26.1kg for season
A big well done on 4 hattricks for the week as they played out a close Pitch draw with Snackrington

Snackrington Stanley 5.6kg loss this week and a total for season of 34.1kg for the team
4 hattricks this week and the 1 goal bonus for losing 5kg as a team this week

Ivory toast with a 3.2kg gain for week and a 15.9kg loss for season
1 x hattrick
Welcome to Jermaine and James new to league

There opponents tonight for a pitch draw were not fast just furious

Not fast just furious lost 6.5kg tonight and a total for season so far of 31.8kg
5 hattricks tonight and 1 x 5% a big well done on the 5% to Captain Anthony Brookes

The 1 bonus goal also awarded for 5kg as a team over bank holiday week

Porky blinders with an 8.6kg loss tonight and a 39.7kg total so far for season

5 hattricks across the team tonight and the 1 x bonus goal for 5kg loss as a team

Real madras 1.3kg loss this week and 26.7kg for the season
5 hattricks on the pitch tonight including Dan Hickman who stayed within healthy bmi bracket for 3 weeks.

After 3 weeks the weight loss stands at 249.1kg which is huge.

A Special mention to the bulks and munchies who played out a 7 goal thriller on the pitch and wracked up 30 scales goals between the two teams so alongside tracking and bonus goals the final score was 25-19. Brilliant effort both.

Weight loss team of the week
1). Jaydon Hadley 4.5kg a 5% and hattrick
2). Paul Gouldingay 2.8kg loss
3). Wayne Manley 2.2kg loss a 5% and hattrick
4). Richard James 2.2kg loss
5). Nathan Bevin 2kg loss a 5% and hattrick
6). Robert Page 2kg loss and a hattrick
7). Anthony Brookes 2kg loss 5% and hattrick
8). Chad Whyte 2kg loss
9). Neil hodgetts 2kg loss and hattrick
10.) Paul rainbow 2kg loss and hattrick

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