Oldbury week 4 smash past the 300kg barrier

A total of 304.6kg weight loss after 4 weeks absolutely brilliant effort.

Tonight’s first match saw incredible bulks up against porky blinders pitch wise it was close until the second half and porkies took a 6-0 pitch win.

There was some tremendous scales effort between the two teams with a combined 17.9kg loss.

Incredible bulks lost 10.9kg as a team
A big well done to Lee Burgess and Richard James who both got 5% tonight and there were also 4 hattricks in the team.

Porkies delivered 6kg loss for the week and 3 x 5%s with Ade wall hayes, Michael Morgan and Paul Gouldingay all getting 5% and also 2 hattricks in the team

Our next match was a close game between Inter losing weight and Real madras with inter taking a 2-0 pitch win.

14.5kg combined weight loss tonight for the two teams.

Inter lost 7.1kg which included 3 hattricks
Real madras lost 7.5kg which included 2 hattricks.

Our 3rd game finished a close 3-2 win for not fast just furious vs munchies.

Bayern munchies lost 7.6kg in weight and 2hatrricks in the team and a big well done to Ash Cockbill who achieved his 5% weight loss

Not fast just furious lost 8.4kg this week which included 1 hattrick and 1 x 5% a big well done to Oliver Medlock.

The match finished a 13-13 draw.

Our last game of the night was Snackrington Stanley up against ivory toast there was 5.8kg weight loss for Snackrington which included 4 hattricks and a 5% for Dan Cox great achievement well done

Ivory toast lost 2.3kg tonight which included 2 hattricks.

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Kieran Harper 4.4kg loss
  2. Shaquille Johnson 3kg loss
  3. Jaydon Hadley 2.5kg loss
  4. Nathan Hadley 2.5kg los
  5. Oliver Medlock 2.2kg loss and 5%
  6. Sean Derrington 2kg loss
  7. Jack Marshall 2kg loss
  8. Phil Round 2kg loss
  9. Ed Garner 2kg loss
  10. Nath Bevin 2kg loss

Looking ahead to next week there is some interesting match ups.

Inter up against ivory toast to start the night
League leaders Snackrington up against munchies.
Porkies up against not fast just furious.
The old green team vs the new green team
With real madras up against the incredible bulks.

Nice to hear stories of two of our players going up against each other pre game with there respective kids footy teams, great to hear of all the kids back playing and our involvement in that whether coaching or just transporting and supporting after such a tough year.

Some of conversations tonight centered on getting up and getting exercise early into your day.
Managing injuries and ramping up Calorie counting effort to offset not being as mobile with injuries resting.

Now is the time a month back to share meal ideas across the team you may want to mix it up a bit and try something else.

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