Oldbury week 6 weight loss at 378 kg

I start tonight by acknowledging the achievements last week we had some great efforts and some great 5%s last week

Well done to
Neil Hodgetts
Darrin Tucker
Daniel Turrell
Paul rainbow
Mike mitchell
Matt Maries

Well done all 5% certificates ready for you for next week.

Tonight saw some great games and some player of the week nominations

Wayne for bulks. A good loss on the scales after a weekend away last week.

For Inter, it was Luke on the scales, good weight loss and everyone on the pitch played there part in the game

Porkies is for Lee W. He fractured his wrist midweek, but still turned up to weigh-in (he lost weight). He ended up playing a bit as well because we were short.

All of toast for great effort

Everyone in the munchies played well and massive respect to toast for playing with 5 players and gave us an good game

Snackers a great 10% loss for flash and on hattrick week well done Gordon Winwood

Not fast just furious a 5% and hattrick week for Roger Cotterell

Madras Stu and Luke solid at the back and Nath was everywhere

Our first match saw not fast just furious against real madras a close game on the pitch topped on the scales by not fast just furious

3 hattricks and 1 x 5% with roger getting that
Madras with 3 hattricks of their own Including special mention to Dan Hickman for his hattrick week in Healthy bmi

Next game was bulks up against inter losing weight another close game on the pitch with inters 5% sealing the result.
2 hattricks and 1 x 5% Which was for Luke stamps
Incredible bulks had 1 x hattrick this week but some great progress with 51kg loss for season and have just fell unlucky with a few 5%s in the last few weeks going against them

The top two went head to head with porkies beating Snackrington 4-0 on the pitch and 9kg weight loss between the two teams this week which included a 5% for Ben Farnsworth and a 10% for Gordon Winwood

Our last game saw ivory toast v Bayern munchies a valiant effort by toast who played half a game a man down but munchies won 2-0 on the pitch and took the result overrall.

Mark lamb with his 5% tonight for ivory toast and toast with 2 hattricks.
Munchies with 4 hattricks and Chris Wright achieving healthy bmi tonight

Weight loss by team as at week 6
Munchies 61.2kg
Bulks 51.2kg
Inter 37.2kg
Toast 28.7kg
Nfjf 46.1kg
Porkies 55.7kg
Madras 42.8kg
Snackrington 52.2kg

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Jaydon Hadley 3.5kg loss
  2. Shane abbey 2.5kg loss
  3. Daryl Kitson 2.5kg loss
  4. Shaquille Johnson 2kg loss
  5. Ash white 2kg loss
  6. Chris Wright 1.8kg loss
  7. mark noon 1.6kg loss
  8. Wayne Manley 1.6kg loss
  9. luke stamps 1.6kg loss
  10. Paul turner 1.6kg loss
  11. Neil Agar 1.6kg loss

Challenges this week include working away and eating on the run while driving about, the increase social aspect of dining and drinking out now restrictions easing and the trigger Not kicking in of a couple of high calorie days and being able to turn it around quick enough.

Bank holiday this weekend which means 5kg Loss as a team 1 bonus Goal challenge to try and keep you on track and accountable for next Friday.