Oldbury week 7 season 8

Well done to ash Cockbill and nathan Bevin who won the weight loss pairs competition. 10.5kg lost between the two players in half a season.

Weight loss by team at week 7 cumulative
Bayern munchies 37.4kg
Inter losing weight 32kg
Ivory toast 36.4kg
Porky blinders 32.9kg
Real madras 39.7kg
Snackrington Stanley 18.7kg

Wishing you all a great Christmas enjoy the break and look forward to supporting you in your team and personal goals in 2020

Have you got a Christmas jumper from last year maybe try it on for size and check the difference?

Should food packaging tell us how much exercise we’d need to burn off the calories contained in the product?
Early studies appear to show that it helps people indulge less, but would this work for you?

Some well deserved recognition for Neil Hodgetts who is in the top 25 players for kg loss in manvfat great achievement :clap::clap::clap: