Oldbury week 8 and another 5%

Weight loss up to 143kg

A big thanks to steve the coach who has travelled a distance to ref for us tonight and get the games on.

Tony green of porky blinders achieved his 5% tonight well done

Captains shout outs for this week

Robert from munchies for his amazing weight loss and may I say an well done to all my team mates for still fighting on and for playing so so well​:+1::+1:

Shane for Snackrington. Hatrick tonight and played well. Mention to Matt for his hatrick too.

Tony for getting his 5% and the whole team for playing while some were ill or injured and in true porkie blinders spirit.

Toast John played well every game for us great talking all game and the whole team played well and ref was the best we had so far, also mentions for ash and Silas

2 goal Geordie for madras. Kind of finishing we’ve been messing. Also big losses since he started three weeks ago.
Shout out to the ref aswell had a good game for us and introduced himself to the captains

Luke from Flabletico. 2 goals on the pitch, nice weight loss after a few bad week. Bounce back

Weight loss team of the week for week 8
1/Chris Parkes 1.4kg loss
2/Steven Davies 1.4kg loss
3/Silas Mawdsley 1.5kg loss
4/Neil spencer 2kg loss
5/Robert page 2.5kg loss
6/matthew Maries 3kg loss

Weight loss team of season so far
1/Chris Brookes 5.4kg loss
2/matthew Maries 5.5kg loss
3/Steven Davies 6kg loss
4/Tony green 6.2kg and 5% today
5/paul hill 6.2kg loss
6/Neil Hodgetts 8.5kg loss

Weight loss by team season to date
Bayern munchies 4.8kg
Flabletico 3.9kg
Ivory toast 24.8kg
Porky blinders 50.3kg
Real Madras 27.5kg
Snackrington 18.7kg

Good numbers turning up tonight.

tips for week ahead, be vocal as a team in week and reap rewards on match day, lots of sharing and supporting during the week helping achieve together. Challenge each other to share food photos and recipes and any exercise it could be the spark a team mate needs and if your on for your hattrick or % target tell your team mates so they can push aswell.

Two league weeks left until the cup competition so opportunity to win, get into or continue good habits with handbooks and if your over your start weight then work out how much by and break it down into a couple of weeks so doesn’t appear such a hurdle.

Lastly well done to mike Mitchell and dan Hickman who won the weight loss pairs for consistently losing each week.