Oldbury week 9 season 7

Weight loss at 159kg at week 9 season 7

Weight loss by team
Bayern munchies 2.3kg
Flabletico 8kg
Ivory toast 24.3kg
Porky blinders 54kg
Real Madras 32.7kg
Snackrington 19.6kg weight loss

Weight loss team of the season
1/matthew Maries 5.7kg miss
2/Tony green 6.2kg loss
3/paul Gouldingay 6.2kg loss
4/paul hill 6.2kg loss
5/Steven Davies 7.2kg loss
6/Neil Hodgetts 9.5kg loss

Dates for your diary
15th June 11aside v Kidderminster
20 July football festival announced on email yesterday

Captains shout outs this week
Porkys The two Adrian’s. Ade Mason for turning up to weigh in when not fit to play and ade WH for a superb pitch performance. Also want to thank the team for the commitment on the scales which has won us the league and scales league. Alot of effort from them all over the weeks.

Flabletico - Nathan for pitch performance, very confident on the ball with an all round good performance and started with a weight loss

Bayern munchies Chris for his excellent weight loss and he had an hat trick and Jon and Chris on pitch they played so well and they was a beast at the back

Team effort from ivory toast with some great weight loss from kp and Silas

For Snackrington Jon. Some great weightloss over season and pulled off some critical saves when he had to.

Well done to porky blinders securing the weight loss league and overall league titles, one league game to go then onto cup games

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Superb weight loss from the team 54kg