Oldbury week 9 season 8 great focus

Some great scale results as focus and efforts turn back after Christmas.

Well done to Bayern munchies who as a team achieved a +10kg loss in the week to score an additional goal as a bonus.

Next weeks bonus goal available to each team is 6 losses or more across the available squad earns 1 extra goal so again encourages supporting each other and continuing to work on the Christmas period gain if not already worked off.

Weight loss by team at week 9
Bayern munchies 28.7kg ( 10.2kg this wk)
Inter losing weight 13kg (5.6kg this wk)
Ivory toast 17.9kg(-1.2kg this wk)
Porky blinders 24.3kg ( -5.3kg this wk)
Real madras 30.3kg (8.3kg this wk)
Snackrington 4.7kg (8kg this wk)

Welcome to the league Adam Reeson first week this week

Weight loss team of the week
1/mike Mitchell 2kg loss, paul rainbow 2kg loss
2/Barry Purewal 2kg loss, Kristian Clarke 2kg loss and both hattricks
3/lee Evans 2.2kg loss and a hattrick
4/Daniel cox 2.4kg loss
4/Steven Leonard 2.4kg loss
5/Matthew Maries 3.6kg loss
6/Nathan Bevin 3.8kg loss helping his team into 10kg loss bonus goal

Some great personal achievements :clap:

Well done to mark Ingram who achieved a 5% loss tonight for Bayern munchies and also his hattrick in the same week so along with a loss and tracking in books contributed best part of 5 goals to his team before he even kicked a ball.
These goals helped turn the result in munchies favour as a pitch defeat was turned round to win 12-9.

Elsewhere a 0-0 pitch game between porkies and inter was decided by one goal margin on the scales in porkies favour

Real madras also turned around a pitch defeat to win 8-7 v snackrington

There are 3 league games to go now and holders Real Madras are second on goal difference to Bayern Munchies with both teams on 9 points. Ivory toast and snackrington are a point behind and go head to head next week.

The scales league is just as close with Porky Blinders and Real madras both on 10 points seperated by goal difference and snackrington just 1 win behind.

A reminder we have an 11aside game vs Telford league tomorrow should be a good game.

Captains shout outs this week

Ivory toast Every player man of the match for toast

Porky blinders man of the match ben for his class saves keeping us in the game and great disciplined team performance

Everyone for the weight loss​:ok_hand::ok_hand:for the munchies