OMG I actually did some exercise


This is a TINY thing really, but this morning I completed the first day of couch to 5k. I’ve really struggled with exercise and healthy eating for about 2 years (er, which coincidentally is how old my daughter is) but recently I realised that I need to be proactive and stop overthinking why I can’t do things otherwise it’ll be another 2 years of feeling gross and unhealthy before I know it.


How did you find it?

I have yet to do the couch to 5k but it is something I want to do - I am currently doing 5k on the cross trainer on a regular basis and want to start turning that into a run.


It was alright! During the running bits I kept thinking about how I hated it, I couldn’t keep going, etc., and that made my legs feel like lead, but I tried really hard to just not think and that made it so much easier. Forgot my headphones so wasn’t listening to any music but will definitely remember them next time and I think the addition of music will help too.

5k on the cross trainer is impressive, I bloody hate the cross trainer! I bet you’d do well at C25k


Well done! That’s a great start!


Just need to actually do it more than once now!


Well done @emma1

What I find interesting about (specifically) running, whether outdoors or treadmill, is just how random and selective the good days and bad days are. Sometimes you just seem to have a lot more in the tank in terms of energy and arm/leg coordination and seem to float along, other days, you can be tripping over yourself and not able to find any rhythm whatsoever. Even sometimes with 6 months of regular training under my belt, I suddenly find impossibility to run properly at all… other occasions, I can be tired but happily bimble along for an hour on a treadmill and feel like Mo Farah… it’s wierd!

100% think decent running shoes are a huge part of it. I’ve got the C25K app but have never really used it, I believe it’s a slow/fast type build up in terms of segments though right?


Well done @emma1 ! I would stick to a certain day/time that you want to run, and keep to it, rain or shine.

That’s how I managed to get myself motivated, coupled with the progress I was making for the team I was playing for.


Well done.

I’m off for my 3rd run this morning 1st week I did 2.3miles in 30mins last week 2.6miles in just over 30mins so going for 3 miles today. I fund having my music on really helps and stops the over thinking whilst running. Signed up for a 5k obstacle course run in 2 weeks to raise money for a great charity.
Now I have started the running I have a lot of respect for anyone that gets up and does some exercise. I’m also loving my Monday night’s Manvfat football.



Yes, the first week is run for 60 seconds - walk for 90 seconds - run for 60 and repeat for (I think) 30 minutes.

I have new shoes and I think that’s a big part of why I wanted to do it - they’re so bouncy!


That’s brilliant!


Little update! I did week 1 day 2 yesterday - this time I did it in the evening after working all day which was a mistake because I was already tired and hungry.

But this was my view, so that spurred me on :slight_smile:


stunning view!!


@emma1 well done!

@mikechristopher I started doing this earlier in the year and enjoyed it (for the first few weeks lol)

I threw myself into an inflatable 5k earlier this month (Literally) and managed to complete it in 42 mins, yes it was slow, yes there was some walking but it was a real sense of achievement that i actually finished it considering in January i was 24 1/2 stone.


An inflatable 5k sounds like fun, but also like bloody hard work!


it was incredibly fun lol but hard work yes lol




Keep going started doing the same 18 months ago and have now completed two 10K races and up to 90 minutes non stop. Getting back into it after knee injury and now up to just over 4K non stop with running knee brace. Not bad for someone who is 56 next week.

Whilst running 5k non stop seems daunting just keep going and if stepping up is difficult you can stay at the same level for a short period and then step up.

Also do the local 5k Parkrun which is free and is timed so you can monitor progress and no one is left behind even if they are walking. See if there is one near you.


Couch to 5 k is a great program. Congrats